Landscape Lighting Strategy

by Landscape Lighting

There are a variety of reasons why a thorough lighting strategy should be a vital component of your landscaping plan. Among them are certainly enhancing safety and security for your family and visitors, but that should not overshadow the visual benefit you will experience from the thoughtful and creative illumination of your home and property. Legacy Landscaping Services can help with the expert design and installation of a comprehensive lighting plan that will truly bring your landscaping to life at night, increasing both the value of and enjoyment you will receive from your home.

Determine Your Landscape Lighting Strategy

An initial consideration is to think about your home and yard to determine what areas may most benefit from decorative lighting. Do you have a pathway that particularly requires additional light to mark changes in elevation or turns? Do you have a water feature, or sculpture or other art that you simply wish to bring attention to? A unique architectural element of your home that you want to highlight? Is your intention to provide overall lighting or more specific accent lighting or, perhaps more likely, a combination of these? These are only a few of the specific applications for landscape lighting.

Work with a Landscape Lighting Professional

Secondarily, you will want to work with a landscape professional such as Legacy Landscaping Services to think in detail about the sort of lighting you wish to install. It’s likely that a variety of types and degrees of lighting will be most desirable and effective. Solar lighting, while becoming more useful, has its limits, and it is worth the investment to install a more robust system, which will still have a relatively minimal impact on your electric bill each month thanks to low voltages. There are many kinds of lights you will want to choose from, including flood lights, low garden lights that may, for instance, illuminate a path, as well as up-lighting, down-lighting, and cross-lighting that are all valuable depending on your objectives,

Landscape Lighting Considerations for Florida

LED technology is quickly becoming standard in landscape lighting for its durability and longevity. This sort of lighting is also highly customizable in terms of strength and brightness. In Florida, given the strong storms we experience seasonally, it is important to factor in technology that will withstand our occasionally extreme weather. While LED lights may be more expensive initially to purchase and install, they may have up to ten times the standard life of a halogen light, and are more energy efficient, so your investment will pay for itself in a relatively short amount of time.

A well-designed and professionally installed lighting system will last for years – potentially up to 10 or 20 years, depending on factors such as climate and the technology used during the initial build. To ensure that your landscape lighting is made to last, it is strongly recommended that you engage the services of professionals. Legacy Landscaping Services has decades of experience in crafting lighting plans for our customers, and pride ourselves on always being at the cutting edge with the technology we use.

It’s also important to point out that landscape lighting is relevant no matter the size of your property. We work with clients with homes and properties of all sizes, and are confident that the benefits of landscape lighting will speak for themselves. Get in touch to schedule your landscape lighting consultation with a Legacy Landscaping Professional.