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Classic design with modern flair to that reflects your vision & personal style.


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Design & Installation

Successful landscaping design is about much more than curb appeal. We work closely with our clients to create and carry out landscaping design that is appropriate for our local environment and climate, is functional and meant to last, and complements and enhances your whole property. In developing and then installing your custom landscaping plan, expect a focus on detail, combining classic design with modern flair to build a design that reflects your vision and personal style. Gary and his team boast decades of industry experience, which will be evident in the quality of the service you receive.


Visual Appeal

Environmental Awareness

Trust Us to Deliver:

Tailored Service

Custom approach regardless of project scope

Design that Meets Your Needs

Combination of functionality and visual appeal

Environmentally Sensitive Design

Contributes to easier long-term maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to prepare my yard or property for landscaping work?
No, Legacy Landscaping Services handles every detail from start to completion.
Is there a time of the year that is better or worse to redo my landscaping?
We work year-round and rely on correct irrigation as the foundation that allows us to plant 12 months of the year in our subtropical climate.
How long should I expect the process to last from design through to completion?
The time required will depend on the scope of the project. A small project may take one day to complete, whereas a larger renovation may last up to two weeks or more.

Client Testimonials

Legacy Landscaping Quote Marks Hiring a landscape, design company was a challenge. We had a difficult time finding a legit company until we hired Gary of Legacy Landscaping. He immediately returned our call, met with us and impressed us with his knowledge and commitment to turning our property into an environment filled with colorful plants indigenous to our environment. The completed project far exceeded our expectations. We have now hired his company for landscape maintenance.

Walter K. | Fort Myers

Legacy Landscaping Quote Marks Legacy Landscaping was professional from beginning to end. They were easy to communicate with, and provided outstanding service. I would recommend to any one that would ask. The work they did was top notch. They replaced rain sensor, control panel, multiple heads, they also repaired a split line, and diagnosed and repair my pump that would not hold a prime. They explained everything they did to me during each step of the project.

Kerri C. | Bonita Springs


Legacy Landscaping Quote Marks Gary and his crew were professional and did everything needed to get the job done in a timely manner. JP did an excellent job in troubleshooting and redesigning our watering system to work with the new landscape design.

Becky B. | Cape Coral

Legacy Landscaping Quote Marks Gary was easy to work with. He cares about the customer. He did an outstanding job. Everything was done efficiently and in a very timely manner. My system is now operating at optimum for a very reasonable cost.

Carolyn C. | Fort Myers